Our Varieties

A sample of some of the Wisconsin Certified Organic apples we offer. Please see our Facebook feed at the bottom to see what we are currently featuring.


An incredible early season apple with a crisp, juicy texture and an exciting flavor with a hint of brown sugar. One of our favorites.

Williams' Pride

A wonderful dark red early ripening apple that is firm, with an unusually good sweet/tart balance.

Redfree (New for 2017)

Redfree has a white juicy flesh that is more dense than coarse.  The apple is crisp but not breaking and its flavors are mild, balanced, and light. This apple tastes great fresh, but it is excellent for applesauce


A high quality dessert apple. The bright red fruit is firm, with white flesh and an excellent sweet, juicy, distinct flavor.

Chestnut Crab

A small, red russeted apple with rich nutty overtones.  Everyone loves these little beauties!  Great for kid's lunches.


Apples are sweet with a tart tang. This classic is very juicy with tender, white flesh.


A Wisconsin original!  Riverbelle is a Honeycrisp offspring.   This apple has a unique burst of sweet/tart flavor with a delicate crispness.  This may be your new favorite.


A new long storing apple variety with clear yellow skin and a sweet, smooth finish.

Sweet Sixteen

Crisp and juicy with an exotic yellow flesh and a very sweet, unusual sugar cane, or spicy cherry candy flavor.


Juicy, sweet as honey and considered amazingly crisp.  A favorite among many.  


Moderately firm with a crisp, sweet flavor. Macoun is a very popular eating apple in the Northeast.

Pixie Crunch

This sweet smallish apple explodes with a breaking crispness!  A favorite apple with children because of its flavor.


A moderately tart, large apple with crisp perfumed white flesh.  Grandma's classic pie apple.


A classic northern apple.  Fruit is red-striped with white crisp flesh.  Perfect for fresh eating and baking, it is firm and juicy with mild, pleasantly tart flavor.


An increasingly popular apple because of its delightfully sweet taste, with a slight tart balance and buttery rich overtones.


A wonderful new apple with a firm, sweet/tart, complex flavor.  We have a cult following for this apple.


A Wisconsin original! A Honeycrisp offspring that shares the same crisp texture with just the right blend of sweet and tart. This variety could be our best storing apple as it gets better with age.

Crimson Topaz

This late variety has crisp, cream colored flesh, with a distinctive tart and spicy flavor.