Our Story

Joe and Jenny’s journey began with a passion for growing healthy and great tasting fruit. Over a decade ago, Joe worked full time in the medical field. His week nights and weekends were spent in the backyard experimenting with organic apple tree management. Through much trial and error, he learned to produce fantastic quality, organically grown apples.

The fruit of his labor proved too good to be kept a secret.

First Planting Day – 2010

Joe and Jenny started Peck & Bushel Organic Fruit Company in 2010 with a heap of hard work and 3,000 new apple trees. The greatly anticipated first planting day arrived in April 0f that year. They had a tractor, plenty of family help, and blind ambition. What they did not count on was three inches of rain on a newly tilled farm field. To say there was mud covering everything and everyone would be an understatement.

“It was our first major lesson in the difficulties of farming. At times it’s Mother Nature vs. the farmer…that day Mother Nature won.”

The Secret to Growth

Since that very first planting, they have learned a lot about working with Mother Nature, instead of against her. They have had the help of many incredible neighbors, family, and friends. The orchard is now home to over 20,000 fruit trees and is still growing.


Joe is now a full time orchardist and board member with the Wisconsin Apple Growers Association.  Jenny is a full-time CPA and spends most weekends at the farm.

We hope to see you at the orchard!