The Orchard

Wisconsin Organic Apples


Our Orchard

At Peck & Bushel Organic Fruit Company we have over 20,000 dwarf apple and fruit trees. These trees are grown on a trellis system, much like a vineyard. Smaller trees make the fruit easier to grow and harvest! The orchard is located on 70 beautiful acres in the Town of Erin, Wisconsin. We are open for picking and purchasing apples beginning late August through October, as varieties become available.

Why Organic?

Our orchard is Certified Organic. We implement an organic management plan that benefits our farm ecosystem and environment.

What does this really mean?  Pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms are not used in the production of our crops. Non-organic apple orchards cannot make this statement. We only use naturally derived products to defend our fruit from insects and disease.

How are you certified?  As an organic orchard, we undergo a rigorous annual review of our growing practices by a certifying agency. We must use approved practices and products on our farm. It is a three year process to become certified organic.

Why Organic?  We believe that the delicate process of organic production ensures a healthy and flavorful eating experience. You will taste the difference!