Peck & Bushel Baking Company debut!


The planning, construction and approvals have all been completed. It took two years, but our commercial kitchen is done and all health department approvals are final. Peck & Bushel Baking Company is ready for its debut! We cannot wait to share our fall favorites including: apple cider doughnuts, slab apple pie and many other baked goods. For our caramel apple bar fans, we are ready to slice, drizzle (ok, pour!) on the caramel and wait for you to pick your favorite toppings. Don’t forget the organic apple cider, or even a cup of freshly brewed coffee as you head to the orchard to pick apples.  Bring on your flannel shirt and cute boots and you are ready for the leaves to fall.

Some sad news…

Many P&B customers had the opportunity to spend some time at our apple tasting station the past few seasons. One of our favorite “employees”, Grandma Judy (our mom), was a staple here. She poured countless gallons of our organic apple cider for everyone to sample. She was especially enthusiastic to get a positive reaction when children, with parents permission, tried the cider for the first time. Her reaction of “I told you so!” made us chuckle. Grandma Judy would regularly claim that she was up all night pressing the cider by herself. Although not completely true, she was very good at counting jugs and directing others! She would call herself the “free help” to all who would listen.
Grandma Judy was a self-described “flim flammer” who had more small business experience than anyone in the apple barn. The idea for the Caramel Apple Bar came from Grandma. New to her dentures, she had difficulty enjoying a caramel apple that was not pre-cut. It was a simple concept that also benefited countless siblings who each wanted their own toppings. Grandma was the most excited to see the success of her idea, even if it required a daily caramel pot scrubbing.
Grandma Judy unexpectedly had a severe stroke within hours of our last day of the apple season. She passed away a few days later.
As we begin the 2017, it is with mixed emotions. We celebrate a successful 2016 season, yet mourn the loss of Grandma Judy.  Her lively spirit will always be with us.



Thank you to our wonderful team!

As our 2016 apple season winds down, we wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to our P&B crew!  Can you imagine spending all of your free time year round at the orchard?  They did a terrific job planting, weeding, putting up trellis, mowing, weeding, staining boards, painting, weeding, thinning apples, picking apples, and did we mention the constant weeding?  A few of these folks are headed to college and future endeavors.  We wish them the best and always welcome them back, because we know they too have roots planted at Peck & Bushel.


The barn is ready for the season!

We are thrilled that the apple barn is taking shape! We spent many cold winter days staining board after board after board. We spent many hot summer days painting board after board after board.  It has been interesting having to work over 30 feet high to accomplish our vision. We cannot wait to share it with you!

We continue to get inquiries about holding events at the barn/orchard. Please let us know if you are interested at




Pick @ Peck

We know you love to pick your own apples! Our orchard is “pick your own” on weekends from late August through early October from 10am-4pm.

How do you pick @ Peck?

1) Come to the orchard and buy a one peck bag in the apple barn.  Our one peck bag is $28.

2) Take the family for a walk through our nature trail (bring the camera for some great pics at the swing or on a bench).

3) Arrive at the orchard and look for the flags to direct you to the rows of ripe, ready to pick, organic apples.

4) Twist apples off the branches carefully…our trees will thank you next year.

5) Head back to the apple barn for some thirst-quenching organic cider, doughnuts, sauce, butter or a caramel apple!