Pick @ Peck

We know you love to pick your own apples! Our orchard is “pick your own” on weekends from late August through early October from 10am-4pm.

How do you pick @ Peck?

1) Come to the orchard and buy a one peck bag in the apple barn.  Our one peck bag is $28.

2) Take the family for a walk through our nature trail (bring the camera for some great pics at the swing or on a bench).

3) Arrive at the orchard and look for the flags to direct you to the rows of ripe, ready to pick, organic apples.

4) Twist apples off the branches carefully…our trees will thank you next year.

5) Head back to the apple barn for some thirst-quenching organic cider, doughnuts, sauce, butter or a caramel apple!


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