Pick @ Peck

We know you love to pick your own apples! Our orchard is “pick your own” weekends from late August through early October from 10am-4pm.

How do you pick @ Peck?

1) Come to the orchard and buy a one peck bag in the apple barn.

2) Take the family for a walk through our newly completed nature trail (bring the camera for some great pics).

3) Arrive at the orchard and look for the flags to direct you to the rows of ripe, ready to pick, organic apples.

4) Twist apples off the branches carefully…our trees will thank you next year.

5) Head back to the apple barn for some thirst-quenching organic cider, sauce, butter or a caramel apple!


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    • Sansa are this coming weekend! September 3rd-4th. Come early, this apple has a following! Wolf River will be mid-September, we only have a few trees in production, more to come in the future.

  • Can’t wait to visit! How early is early? I no longer do FB so I am not sure the times and can’t seem to find picking times on this website. Thanks so much

  • Last week was our first trip to Peck and Bushel. Although it was more expensive than other orchards we’ve visited in the past, we enjoyed the opportunity to sample the different types of apples before picking and buying. The CrimsonCrisp made perfect apple pies and applesauce. The SnowSweet is simply a perfect eating apple – I wish we had purchased a larger bag! The only disappointment was that they had run out of plain caramel apples on a stick. When that happens, I think it would be reasonable to offer the “build-your-own” with just caramel (no toppings) for the same $5.00 price as the sold-out on-a-stick option – rather than charging a steep $7.00 for a caramel apple. Overall – it was a wonderful orchard experience!

  • Hi Jenny,

    We would love to pick some more tasty apples. Is the orchard going to be open this Saturday 10/15/16 for picking?

    Chad & Jayme

    • Hi there! The orchard will be open, but unfortunately Joe and the team picked all remaining apples this week, so everything will be in the barn. (Not enough of this last variety to open pick your own). There should be plenty of apples for Saturday, but my guess is the orchard may sell out by the end of the day. I think Joe will be actually opening the orchard for anyone wanting to take a walk/tour/pictures. Hope to see you soon!